Springboard development:


  • Respin
  • GNU Blaze - iso burn
  • GNU Review
  • GNU Learn ( + SCORM compliant rapid e-learning)
  • Dashboard for UX studies

Affordable Developer Kits - GNUX Learn

For Developers with Limited Resources, Under $250 - includes persistent USB for use on better hardware. Persistent USB - as backup also.

  • AI - AIcraOS: Additional Thick usb with deep learning development kit and samples
  • DX-OS - Developer Experience OS - can be on thick usb backup with tools for GNU Linux DX participation studies
  • Drupal in a box
  • Moodle in a box
  • WordPress in a box
  • Content Server in a box
  • Backup Dev Kit
  • Documentation Dev Kit
  • Arduino + 3D print robots - Developer Kit
  • Other embedded Dev Kit for ARM

Privacy: EDGELORD - coming soon

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