Developer Experience

GNU Essentials template from Pidgin testing. Copyright (c) GNU Essentials ISBN: 978-1-71683-468-4 Manufactured in the United States of America You may distribute the GNU Linux Manual of Style and/or modify the GNU Linux Manual of Style under the following terms: Code GNU General Public License (, version 3 or later Content Creative Commons Attribution License

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Participate in Developer Experience

Would you participate in remote Developer Experience? We need participants. What we are requesting: Free Software Developers to test Free Software Willing and able to use simplescreenrecorder or another application to capture screen/audio Optional – willing and able to record self with webcam and Open Broadcast software, cheese or other free software Willing and able

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Texinfo – Get Started

What is Texinfo? How it works Install Texinfo For this install, a simple ./configure make and make install. However, at the make install – be root. There is no indication in the command when you start to execute… bur then there is a fail due to permissions if you are not root. Otherwise, installs fine.

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Choose Docs

Here is the link to the FSF directory of free software. We can start with tools for Developer experience participant testing: vlc simplescreenrecorder Bourne-Again SHell (possible clickmap/testing environment) (alternate click heat map) (not used – Contrib cov adopter) other


User or Developer Experience The user experience is separate from the testing/validation process. Difference between Developer Experience Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance Testing The focus of developer experience testing is the measure of the developer experience during use of the product. The focus of quality assurance testing is the measure the existing features to the

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