Start your GNU Linux journey here

Learn with us! Join us for a journey into GNU Linux and the free and open source community. Build skills, gain resources and contribute to free and open source projects.

Do more with GNU Linux

We offer kits for learning GNU Linux. These kits include hardware and components to assist in your completion of the coursework. Certificates are available with each training suite. Support is available. 


Setup your private GenAI system on Linux. Chat, load models from HuggingFace and train.

Learn recognition

OpenCV development tutorials

Setup Stable Diffusion

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Starter and Advanced Kits

GNU Essentials: Get started with GNU Linux

GNU Essentials: AI basics

GNU Essentials: Debian Developer Basics

GNU Essentials: Bash Basics

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Raspberry Pi Dev Kits

Learn GNU Linux on Pi. 

Kits all peripherals needed for Pi, Custom applications with  configuration (openCV, OBS-Studio and more.)

Training demos, tutorials, working samples and documentation.

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Confidential Computing

Raspberry Pi based trusted computing and confidential computing tools

TPM included with instructions for GPIO attachment

Information about remote attestation and TPM (PCRs, workflow)

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Robotics kits grades 4-8

Learn beginning robotics


Raspberry Pi

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afterschool Program: Scratch

Grades 3-5: Scratch curriculum with faciliation guide. With or without robotics

Grades 6-8: Robotics kit with Scratch curriculum with facilitation guide. 

Videos and student tutorial

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