In Your Corner: August 2019 Archive

Remember! I am in your corner!

Female developer in the FOSS Community for 20 years speaks out against SJWs dividing the community with their censorship and threats

Community, Responsibility, Freedom: In your corner

by Marcia K. Wilbur

There is a poison spreading within our community. From my perspective, this is coming from people who do not code, who do not understand an inkling of what it is like to be a programmer, a maintainer, and put your heart and soul into a project. <3 and soul, staying up until the sun comes up finishing features for your RC or pushing through lack of sleep because you can feel the caffeine effects wearing off - and you and roll up. They probably do NOT even know what this means!
Maybe you are a sys admin and you had an idea to automate something but the script is taking longer than expected because you are busy putting out fires in the meantime.
Maybe you are devOps - putting out those fires all day long and bringing servers up.
You could be implementation/migration - upgrading and sunsetting.
Maybe you are maintaining a distro to share FOSS with others

What do the sjws do? Make drama, complain? How is that positive?

As a long standing member of this community, and a code monkey, I doth protest (not with signs like I usually do).

Maybe you do not know me, maybe it does not matter. I have fought with you against injustice and for justice in our community for years - through writing, marching alongside you with RMS, Perens and Don Marti against the DMCA, as well as coding, building, making, and running.

I do not want to run. I want to build and make 😉
Not censor and destroy.

I am extremely disgusted by the actions of these so called sjw invading our space. As a woman developer in this community, I object to the power play, controlling maneuvering and manipulations perpetrated by outsiders who do not even code - using sjw issues to divide our community!

I fear for our community at the very core and could express my concerns and fears based on what I call ConferenceGate, where certain parties manipulated our community through conference presentations selections. Putting the Con in Conference: SeaGL, SCaLE, Linux Foundation events, and even LibrePlanet - who knows how many more??!! Propaganda for the masses, dangerous thing!

We do not need a code of conduct or censorship covenant drafted by outsiders and accepted by corporations. So what if a million corps adopt this nonsense. I will not contribute to these projects! Will you?

We may find it necessary to nudge ourselves to be civil once in awhile. We need the freedom to discuss our concerns without some sjw making threats to our contributions and our voices. I definitely could use a nudge when it comes to these ridiculous sjw pushes. Reject those: do not MERGE! I swear. I did!

If you witness censorship in horror at a community event
I am in your corner.

If you ever went to a conference and read the details of a presentation and were like - wtf
I am in your corner

If you are forced to abide by some crazy code of conduct
I am in your corner

When you are bullied into giving positive feedback to someone because of their gender, belief or whatever
I am in your corner

When injustice rears its ugly head by awarding honors to ridiculous people
I am in your corner

If you feel excluded or offended re a woman only event (ex. sponsored by Molly Le Blanc for LibrePlanet)
I am in your corner

I am a code monkey, a sys admin and a member of this community. I am one of you, I am here - watching, weeping, vomiting!

As one person, standing alone, I can make some change - As a community, we can keep our values, integrity, culture and liberties.

Together, we can keep positive changes growing within our community, our culture and our world. Stand up for this community. Reject these ridiculous C0C, and people pushing inclusiveness in our community. We are already great at Inclusiveness - we do not need the thought police managing our projects!!

Are you in my corner?

Do you want to chat about it... 833 Linux 00