CFP Draft

Linux In Our Valley Expo (L I/O VE) 0.1x

FAQ Linux is pleased to instantiate our first iteration of Linux In Our Valley Expo (L I/O VE) 0.1x - to be held on October 26-28, 2018 (tentatively - need to book) at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is approximagely 372 miles from Los Angeles, CA.

LI/OVE will offer the following specialized tracks:

Working in FOSS - As a business adopting Free and Open Source to improve efficiency and potentially reduce cost, how does the migration and implementation outlook seem? Talks focusing on implementation, migration and scaling systems are of interest. Other topics might include CRM, Collaboration and Process Improvement.

Education track - Free and Open source tools and systems used in education and on demand learning. Examples might include Moodle, MoodleRooms, DITA in Education, SCORM Compliance and Linux, The Future of Education and Linux

Open Data - This track focuses on topics related to Open Data. Do you have Kaggle experience?

Security - InfoSec and FOSS. Challenges, pitfalls and successes. Tools used for penetration, up and coming devices, authentication methods. Up and coming tools in FOSS - Do the developers consider security enough? Why not - tell us! Have an evaluation?

Developer - Application, kernel, tools, utilities. Working with Open Source and Free Software teams. Applications, tools and systems used in the development process.

Cloud - Open Source Cloud related projects including but not limited to NextCloud, OpenStack, Puppet, Chef, Ansible

GNU Linux Kids - This track is open to Free and Open Source community youth speakers aged 18 years and under to share their skills and ideas.

Legal and Licensing - This track focuses on Free and Open Source licensing and associated legal issues to be aware off when adopting or contributing to Free and Open Source including but not limited to Copyright, Free Speech, Privacy, Trademark and Patent.

Embedded - This track covers Embedded hardware & software. Topics include but not limited to: Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, PICs, IoT, Drones, ESP8266, FPGAs etc. We will include a show and tell (bring your projects!) in a hands-on Pi FUN! Session held by our local Copper LUG.

Backup! - This track explores backup tools, utilities, etc. A short introduction to simply creating your Linux backup or Linux distro is scheduled. Topics include: Legal considerations for distro release, Changing the theme/icons, and maintaining a distro.

Additionally, we will include general tracks relevant to Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) and open hardware.

Keynote will include Distro Share - members of the audience will (hopefully!) volunteer to represent their favorite or preferred distro and answer questions relevant to why!

Distros include but are not limited to:

Come and SHARE!

Important Dates

1 March 2018: CFP Opens
15 May 2018: Deadline for abstracts/proposals submissions

15 June 2018: Last date for notification of acceptance

26 October 2018: Conference starts

28 October 2018 - Evening of Freedom Happy Hour!