20 years under the DMCA

Hackers... are the real heroes!

Thanks toad, george, kevin, emmanuel, don, rick, aaron and all the hackers around the globe.

Ok. I just cracked up when I saw the FREEBSD on the wall at the Dmitry Rally in SF 2001.

Don's protests were rad!

would you believe I have footage of Bennett Haselton (peacefire) and photos from the New Mexico protest I never converted. They're ...somewhere.

Robin Gross on Security - 2001 - First Amendment Festival

Did I bring a camera watch into the courtroom - you bet your ass I did. I've been waiting some 17 years - It's past the statute of limitations now, right... hehe. Of course this is the same camera watch I was wearing in Las Vegas 2000 for the globalization of Linux with Dirk, Linus, Maddog, Miguel etc. (and that SCO guy :P)

Wanna hear a story:
I was a single mom in college raising 3 children when I met John Gilmore in 2000. A month later, I took the last 80 dollars I had to my name and booked a train to protest the DMCA in Washington D.C. That was the first DMCA protest. My landlord's wife watched the kids overnight. I had to get a paper signed by my prof and forgot. I remembered half-way to the Amtrak in New London. Shit.
I turned the car around because - that paper was to confirm I was in school and it was the last day he would sign - I needed to pay rent. I raced back to the college. Ran in - paper in my hand. He signed it... I booked back to the car - and made it to the train station with minutes to spare.
The train... was late anyway...

Remember when LinuxJournal cared and reported about community! Too bad. Not so much these days. There's a few good people over there, but I miss Don.

If I could change one thing:

TRIPOD. I would have gotten a tripod.

...and thanks for all the fish!

I would not change my private life - and being mostly "anon"