Selling Your Software?

Consider this... I personally know several members of our community that sold their software for pennies on the dollar. One guy sold his for 300k, then it was flipped for 5 million. I've seen members lose their rights to continue similar work. These lawyers who try to advice free software and open source projects - might not even understand free software.

A broker could help you to discover if there are more companies interested and possibly give data on higher value.

Some brokers might not go for anything less than 5 million.

However, I am tired of seeing hackers and code monkeys... even script kiddies being screwed over by corporate thugs.

As a technical communicator, I am equipped to be the liaison between business and technology.

Additionally, I have contacts in the legal community who can draw up proper contracts and close a deal that is amicable to the project/coder.

I'm tired of seeing projects/people getting screwed over by lawyers and corporate. At least, consider my pro bono services to make sure you are not getting the shaft.


1. First and foremost -- ask the lawyer if she/he could explain the difference between open source and free software - especially if this lawyer claims to be one that works with free software licenses.
2. Ask the lawyer, what, if any, community projects inspired him/her to represent the open source community
3. Finally, ask the lawyer what he/she thinks of the Linux Foundation. According to reports, the Linux Foundation... just let VMware join and posts their training using Ubuntu.
4. Ultimately, if this lawyer's name is Hall - tell him or her to "Hit the bricks". That's just a recommendation from a judgment proof community member who has been dealing in DMCA, licenses and worked with the EFF and FSF in the past.

Just saying...these are some recommendations to protect yourselves as members of this community.

In other news: We are compiling a list of Free Culture Content - Photos, Music and Books. If you have a submission - contact

Attn: aicra or commander midnight or marcia or kaoru even HEY YOU There... The scope: We're going to create a repo of FREE CULTURE WORKS. More info and better UX coming!


By Creative Commons definitions: CC BY or BY-SA is a free cultural work. CC0 Public Domain Marks are also considered free cultural works.

Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL)

Some examples:
All photos on StockSnap fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license. That means you can copy, modify, distribute any photo on the site, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission!
Public Domain Information Project.
Project Gutenberg (shout out to Greg!)

What we want is 1 repo where users can go to find all Free Culture content and access this content. No worries! This is going to be a concerted effort. Let's do this!

More other news: Pi Cribs is coming - check out these home based pi automation projects. We love Pi....